Is it normal to be really nervous?

Yes! After all, it’s not normal to fall out of a perfectly good plane! But it’s all part of the experience and will make the achievement even sweeter when you land back on the ground. Our Tandem Masters have thousands of jumps under their belts and will walk you through every step of the way, doing their best to make you feel safe and secure.

Is there a weight limit?

Yes, we generally have a 100kg weight limit. It can be increased slightly depending on the weather conditions so please give us a call if you are unsure.

Is there an age limit?

We don’t have an age limit but you will need to fit our harness. The oldest person to jump with us was 95 and the youngest was 5! The extreme ends of the age scale will depend on our Tandem Masters and weather conditions on the day so call us if you are unsure.

Why Choose Taupo Tandem Skydiving?

You'd be crazy not to! But we get it, there's a lot of places to skydive in NZ.
When you jump with us, you'll get:
- Best prices guaranteed for NZ's Best Rated Skydive (win-win)
- Free pickup within Taupo and Rotorua
- Incredible views of Lake Taupo, 'Mt Doom', and the North Island
- Highly trained (and hilarious) tandem masters
- Free buff
- NZ's Only Gold Qualmarked Drop Zone

How safe is skydiving?

We like to say that your drive to the airport is more dangerous than your skydive! There is always an element of risk with anything you do, however we do put a significant emphasis on having the best equipment, the best trained staff, and leading industry safety practices. We are governed by the Civil Aviation Authority, we are the ONLY Gold Qualmarked dropzone in NZ and our tandem masters undergo rigorous testing from the New Zealand Parachute Federation. Some of them have jumped over 20,000 times! In fact we regularly send our family-members up to jump with us, so that proves something right?!

How often do you run trips?

Trips run every 70 minutes from 9.20am until 3:10pm in Winter, or 8:10am until 5:20pm in Summer. Earlier/later trips are available subject to availability and are weather dependent - call us to ask!

Can I jump if I have a medical condition?

You will need to seek medical advice from your doctor before jumping. We’re not able to give you medical advice. We can tell you what to expect but ultimately the decision will be up to you.

Can I skydive by myself?

You can’t skydive by yourself on your first jump. But if you’re interested in skydiving as a sport we offer a comprehensive Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) course.

Can you skydive in the winter?

You certainly can! While it may be a little chilly, we operate 362 days of the year and all winter long! In fact, the views can be at their best during the winter months with snow-capped mountains beneath you making your skydive extra special. Our operating hours are shorter to accommodate for less daylight hours and you will want to bring plenty of warm clothes.

What do I need to wear?

You will be provided with a jumpsuit, goggles, hat and buff for your skydive, so just wear warm comfortable clothes to wear underneath and closed-toe shoes. If you wear glasses it’s no problem, we’ll give you skydiving goggles that fit over them.

How long does it all take?

The actual skydive portion will take around 30 minutes and ideally you will be finished in about 2 hours including your photos and videos, but we ask that you allow 2-3 hours for the entire process to allow for operational and weather delays.

What happens if the weather is bad?

We can skydive in plenty of different conditions, not just blue skies! But if we do make the call to not jump due to bad weather, don’t worry, we don’t take any payment until after you jump so we will just re-book your jump for later in the day or whenever suits you. If you can’t come back at a later time we can cancel your booking free of charge, but please note that we will be heartbroken. Taupo has its own weather patterns because of our big lake, we often have beautiful weather when the rest of the country is cloudy. It’s nearly impossible to know for sure if we’re jumping until the day of your skydive, so just give us a call for the latest updates.

Can you come and pick me up?

Sure thing! If you are staying in Taupo we will pick you up in our sweet stretch Hummer from your accommodation. Pick ups are approximately twenty minutes before your booking time. If you’re not coming to Taupo we can pick you up from Rotorua. Daily pick ups are at 12.30pm and you will return to Rotorua at around 5pm. Alternatively you can drive out to us, there’s plenty of parking!

What camera options are there?

Heaps! We have the most camera options in New Zealand! We offer Freefall and Selfie video and photos, and our exclusive Exit Photo. Everything is shot in HD. We also upload every video to YouTube and send to you via Zenfolio for easy sharing. Check out our Prices page for more information.

Can I take my own camera?

You can take as much footage as you like on the ground but there are strict rules on taking extra equipment in the plane. So unfortunately not, sorry! Our own cameramen do a minimum of 200 jumps before they begin training for camera, and since we are working with lines and parachutes there are too many safety issues with bringing your GoPro along. We’ll take some amazing footage for you though!

How do I pay?

You will pay after the jump, we take credit cards, EFTPOS, AliPay and cash. Please note that there is a 1.5% credit card surcharge.

Can my family and friends come watch?

Definitely! Spectators are very welcome and can watch you getting geared up and landing. If there is enough room in the Hummer they can also ride along.

Can you give me a sweet deal?

As we’re already the best priced skydive in New Zealand so we don’t discount our jump, but check out our Combos and Deals page for some awesome savings on other elements of your skydive experience!

Do you have any combos with other activities?

We sure do! Combo up a bungy jump with Taupo Bungy and a 15,000 ft skydive in our Air Extreme combo for $499, a rafting trip with Tongariro River Rafting and a 12,000 ft skydive for $365, or go all out and get our 4Play combo for $575, including a Taupo Bungy, Hukafalls Jet ride, HeliAdventures flight and a 12,000 ft skydive. All combos include a few freebies too. Call us for more information or to book!


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