18,500 ft Winter Special

Skydiving in the winter truly makes for some of the most incredible views! Sure, it may be a little colder than usual, but the snowy mountains, the crisp and clear days, and the blueness of the lake make Taupo one of the best places to skydive in New Zealand.

And what makes it even better? This epic deal on our HIGHEST skydive!

$100 off 18,500 ft Skydive

We're offering a whopping $100 off our 18,500 ft skydive. You'll get 75 seconds of amazing freefall time above Lake Taupo for just $399! (RRP $499).

If you've wanted to tick a skydive off your bucket list then now is your chance to go big or go home and tick Taupo's highest jump off your list for a great deal!

This deal is only for a limited time so be sure to book your space today!



Skydiving is unlike anything else. The thrill that you experience after jumping off the plane is extraordinary, to say the least. It isn’t just about the jump either; it’s more than that. The whole adventure begins as soon as you put your foot into the plane. That means it includes the climb, the surreal views, the anticipation leading up to the jump, the crazy freefall, the journey back to the land and even the buzz after your feet touch the ground - everything.

As one of New Zealand’s most trusted skydiving experts, we at Taupo Tandem Skydiving want to make this adventure to be a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience for you. That is why we bring you these awesome skydive specials and offers so that you get the most out of your jump. We have some of the best prices in all of NZ along with other offers like birthday upgrades, package discounts, etc.

We believe that your skydiving experience should truly be special. After all, it is not something you do every day (unless you are one of our Tandem experts).

Choose from our awesome selection of skydive specials below:

18,500 ft Winter Special From $399


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Thank you Andrew Lee for the most wonderful experience of my life. You made it so comfortable and safe that one did not realize the ...

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